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Dr. Ranjit Singh with his Patient Retd. Colonel|Dr Ranjit Orthocare Centre|Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar
Retd. Colonel underwent Partial Knee Replacement by Healing hands of Dr. Ranjit Singh
We have tremendous respect for soldiers who give their life for the nation.For a soldier safety of his countrymen comes first.There are numerous examples when the soldier has left his own troubles and losses behind while rushing to rescue others.This patient who visited Dr.Ranjit Singh is an honor for a doctor who treat numerous patients in their career.This patient sets an example for his service to the nation,Colonel Prabhat Singh Jasrotia.An 84 years old ex armyman whose son was awarded ashok chakra in 1996 and was martyred while fighting terrorist. The veteran came with problem of difficulty in walking and everyday activities and inflammed situation.Both of knees needed attention and the patient was confused wether to go for one knee replacement or both at one time.Finally bi-lateral total knee replacement surgery was finalised.Dr. Ranjit,senior joint replacement surgeon proved how sound surgical skills of a doctor can save a patient from trauma of complex complications of surgeries.With his INNOVATIVE NO ERROR Technique in Knee Replacement,the surgery was done smoothly and recovery was super fast. This very Special technique has made knee replacement PAINLESS ,BLOODLESS with 100 Percent Success rate with a very small cut on knee.Ex armymen is able to do his chores effortlessly and resumed climbing stairs within a month.The patient is able to sit cross legged and climb stairs comfortably. And to add to this Dr Ranjit singh is the only surgeon in the entire region who performs PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT. This surgery is replacing only the damaged part of the knee(HALF KNEE REPLACEMENT) with a minimally Invasive technique with a mere 3 INCHES CUT on the knee.He uses best of his skills combined with latest technology and implants that are designed to last many years and absorb medium impact activities.Armymen serve the nation.Serving them is an honor in itself.May us get a chance to serve the ones who sacrifice their life and children with a smile on their face.
Dr Ranjit Singh- Joint replacement Consultant Amritsar|Dr Ranjit Orthocare Centre|Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar
What If knee replacement fails?
Dr Ranjit Singh, Senior Joint Replacement surgeon proved how sound surgical skills of a surgeon can save a patient from trauma of severe complications if surgeries gone wrong. A 60 years old ( patient hailing hom Jammu underwent both knee-replacement 15 years back in Delhi. She came to Dr. Ranjit complaining of pain in the right knee and the inability to walk properly. After a thorough examination and X-ray, she was diagnosed to have complications with the existing knee replacement.The case was complex than what it appeared. The patient had visited many doctor before consulting Dr. Ranjit, most of them could not diagnose the actual problem. Few of them could not diagnose as well as didn't offer proper treatment as the problem was too complicated. WHAT IS REVISION KNEE REPLACEMENT?Finally, the patient was planned to revision TKR by Dr. Ranjit Singh. Revision TKR is a complex and rare surgery in which the original knee( implant is removed and a new knee implant is fixed. This surgery took 4 hours to complete & it was done so Perfectly that Patient has no problem in her daily life and she can perform her daily Chorus effectively.Why Dr. Ranjit pioneer revision TKR?Dr Ranjit Singh, a big name in the field of Joint replacement, has set a benchmark by performing one of the most complex and rare surgeries i.e. Revision Knee replacement. Dr Ranjit Singh , who has worked in the best institutes of India , i.e. Shalbyl hospitaI Ahmedabad and Fortis Escorts Hospital has received many awards and feltcitations for his research in Joint Replacement Surgeries . He has received awards for "BEST SURGEON" & the unique & innovative *"NO ERROR TECHNIQUE" in Kneel Replacement. This Very Special technique has made Knee Replacement PAINLESS, BLOODLESS with 100 Percent success rate with a very small cut on knee. The patients are able to sit cross legged and climb stairs comfortably.And to add to this he is only surgeon in the entire region to perform Partial Knee Replacement. This surgery is done to replace only the damaged part of knee (Half knee replacement) with Minimally Invasive technique with a mere 3 Inches cut on the knee. Having experience of more than 15 years and currently working with renowned hospital like Nayyar and EMC hospital. He holds the record of performing more than 10,000 joint replacement surgeries.
Dr. Ranjit Singh | Best Joint Replacement surgeon in Amritsar|Dr Ranjit Orthocare Centre|Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar
Dr. Ranjit Singh, awarded for No Error Technique in Knee Replacement
Dr. Ranjit Singh, one of the best joint replacement surgeon in Amritsar, working with Fortis Escorts hospital, Amritsar who has received various awards and solicitation got awarded again for is highly advanced and sophisticated "NO Error Techniques" in Knee replacement surgeries.In a very prestigious award ceremony organized recently by HDFC and 94.3 FM at a hotel in Amritsar, Dr. Ranjit Singh was facilitated by famous Bollywood celebrity Vidya Malpade, commonly known as Captain of an Indian hockey team in a movie Chak De India. "No Error Technique" has brought in a great revolution in Joint Replacement. With the help of this unique technique, Knee replacement surgery is done in a mere 20 minutes without cutting muscles and bones with minimal blood loss. The patient is able to work in just a few hours after surgery.
Dr. Ranjit Singh|Dr Ranjit Orthocare Centre|Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar
Successful Knee checkup camp in Jammu
Dr. Ranjit Singh organised a successful knee checkup camp at Nanak Nagar Gurdwara JAMMU...!!
1st ever Gold Knee-Replacement surgery performed in Fortis Escorts Amritsar- Dr. Ranjit Singh|Dr Ranjit Orthocare Centre|Ranjit Avenue,Amritsar
1st ever Gold Knee-Replacement surgery performed in Fortis Escorts Amritsar
World renowned senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Ranjit Singh, Amritsar, added yet another feather on his cap by performing first ever Gold Knee Replacement in Fortis Escorts Amritsar. This highly specialized surgery was done on the patient Gurmeet Kaur, aged 55 years, resident o Jammu. The patient had knee pain for several years for which she consulted many doctors and all of them advised knee replacement. But because of her young age patient was avoiding surgery as the life of standard knee implants is about 20 years. Then, she consulted Dr. Ranjit Singh at Fortis Amritsar and he suggested going for Gold Knee Replacement surgery. As the longevity of this implant is up to 40 years. so it was very suitable for her considering her age. Patient underwent gold knee replacement surgery for both of her knees. Gold knees have a coating of Titanium Niobium Nitride which imparts them a golden look and improves the longevity and performance of knee replacement surgery. This coating also makes the implant allergy proof, so it is particularly suitable for patients who have metal allergy. When patients with metal allergy undergo knee replacement. conventional implants release metal ions which can damage the knee implant and can cause complications like loosening. infection and persistent knee pain. The wear rate of gold knee implant is very low due to which it can last up to 40 years .Thus it is very useful for young patients less than 60 years
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