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1st ever Gold Knee-Replacement surgery performed in Fortis Escorts Amritsar

17 Dec 2018
World renowned senior Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Ranjit SinghAmritsar, added yet another feather on his cap by performing first ever Gold Knee Replacement in Fortis Escorts Amritsar.

This highly specialized surgery was done on the patient Gurmeet Kaur, aged 55 years, resident o Jammu. The patient had knee pain for several years for which she consulted many doctors and all of them advised knee replacement. But because of her young age patient was avoiding surgery as the life of standard knee implants is about 20 years.
Then, she consulted Dr. Ranjit Singh at Fortis Amritsar and he suggested going for Gold Knee Replacement surgery. As the longevity of this implant is up to
40 years. so it was very suitable for her considering her age. Patient underwent gold knee replacement surgery for both of her knees.

Gold knees have a coating of Titanium Niobium Nitride which imparts them a golden look and
improves the longevity and performance of knee replacement surgery. This coating also makes the implant allergy proof, so it is particularly suitable for patients who have
metal allergy. When patients with metal allergy undergo knee replacement. conventional implants release metal ions which can damage the knee implant and can cause complications like loosening. infection and persistent knee pain. The wear rate of gold knee implant is very low due to which it can last up to 40 years .Thus it is very useful for young patients less than 60 years
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