Covid-19 precautions taken by Dr. Ranjit Singh during joint replacement surgeries

Dr. Ranjit Singh

There's a big confusion in the mind of Patients whether to go for knee replacement in this phase Corona.I want to clear the doubts that whenever I am doing "Joint Replacement Surgeries" I am taking all necessary precautions like:
1. Usage of PPE by entire operating team and staff.
2. Mandatory Covid 19 testing.
3. Frequent sanitisation and sodium hypochlorite fogging in the hospital premises.
4. Mandatory N95 masks by entire Hospital team.
My associated hospitals don't have any case if Covid-19 so it's safer and convenient to plan the surgery.
This phase is best for those whose surgery plan was pending as it's the best time to stay home and recover plus best surgery packages are going because of Covid offers.

-Dr. Ranjit Singh
Joint Replacement Surgeon
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